A preliminary rendering shows what the duplexes in the proposed condominium development in Brewer could look like. Credit: Courtesy of the Brewer Planning Department

A Bangor developer and environmental consultant is looking to build 36 residential units to help quench Brewer’s need for housing. 

David Moyse, president of Bangor-based Moyse Environmental Services, and his wife, Nadine Moyse, are looking to build a 36-unit condominium development on a 16-acre plot off Parkway South in Brewer. 

The subdivision would contain 18 duplex buildings on a private road that a condo association, Parkway Orchards Condominium, would maintain. Preliminary plans also call for the land to have a walking trail and a manmade pond, Moyse said. 

“The idea of this cluster-type development with more open space is that you have a more neighborhood-style setting,” Moyse said. “There are neighborhoods around, too, so it’ll fit well in the area.” 

Moyse is proposing the development as the Bangor region experiences a burgeoning demand for new housing and as first-time home buyers are getting consistently outbid

The units will be two- and three-bedroom homes and most will have a one-car garage, Moyse said. They will be sold at market rate, though the final cost for the units isn’t yet known.

Moyse said the undeveloped site was previously a homestead, but no buildings remain. However, the site does have large apple trees.

“We hope to save as many as we can to preserve the natural character of the site,” Moyse said.  

Moyse has previously developed two other housing subdivisions, in Bangor and Winterport, as well as a business park in Hampden. 

“We’ve already had inquiries about when the units will be available, so there’s obviously a demand,” he said. “We hope this will be a project that both we and the city of Brewer can be proud of.” 

There were just seven homes in Brewer listed for sale on the real estate website Zillow on Wednesday. They cost between $39,000 and $439,500. 

Brewer city councilors will decide next week whether to pass a change to a city rule to allow the housing development to be built on the land. Earlier this week, the Brewer planning board voted 5-0 with one member abstaining to recommend the city council approve the rule change.

Should that change pass, the planning board will then need to approve the development’s site plan, according to Brewer Planner Linda Johns. Moyse would also need to gain any state permits before construction could begin.

Moyse said he hopes construction will begin this summer, though it’s unknown how long construction will take, as it may be split into two or three phases. 

Though the developer still has more hoops to jump through before Brewer residents can move in, Johns said the development would be “a nice project and a good addition to the city.” 

Kathleen O'Brien

Kathleen O'Brien is a reporter covering the Bangor area. Born and raised in Portland, she joined the Bangor Daily News in 2022 after working as a Bath-area reporter at The Times Record. She graduated from...