This unidentified group of aerial pesticide spraying personnel pose in front of a Lockheed P-2 Neptune, or P2V, aircraft during the June 1972 spruce budworm eradication program in Presque Isle. Credit: Courtesy of Dick Graves and Maine Forest Service

Since 1970, a Lockheed P-2 Neptune, a Cold War-era anti-submarine plane, has been parked in a park in Brunswick.

After 53 years facing the Maine elements, the plane needs to be moved and repaired.

“For 68 years, Brunswick was the center of naval aviation in the Midcoast area, and this plane personifies that,” former P-2 pilot Bill Locke said.

Locke was the one who was originally tasked with bringing the plane, which was due to be scrapped, to Brunswick, according to CBS 13.

The Brunswick Naval Aviation Museum wants to move the plane half a mile down the road, to the grassy space in front of the museum. The plan is to place the P-2 next to the already restored Lockheed P-3 Orion in front of the museum. Once it has been moved, then the plane can be restored.

“This is a monumental process, moving the plane down to P-3 Park. We have to take the wings and tail off the plane to move it,” former P-3 pilot Mark Nowak said.

After it has been moved, it will have to be patched, have its tires replaced, have some metalwork done and a new paint job.

The museum has started a GoFundMe to help raise the $150,000 needed to move and restore the plane.

Locke also has a request for any former navy airman in the area.

“When we move this, we’re going to need help,” Locke said. “There are probably 1,000 former sailors in a 100-mile radius of Brunswick, many of whom worked on the P-2. They’re the ones with knowledge of where the bolts are that have to be taken off. We’d really appreciate their help for the restoration.”