An Oakland man died on Saturday after his motorcycle hit an embankment on Route 27 and went airborne.

Alan Rose, 37, was southbound toward Kingfield when he went into a corner and got a wheel into a gravel shoulder. When he tried to straighten the bike, it skidded 108 feet, hit an embankment and Rose and the bike went airborne, Police Chief Mark Lopez told the Lewiston Sun Journal.

The motorcycle came to a rest 176 feet from the roadway while Rose, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, was thrown an additional 25 feet, the newspaper said.

He was taken by a NorthStar EMS ambulance to Sugarloaf Regional Airport where he was pronounced dead, Lopez told the Sun Journal.

Rose was traveling with another motorcyclist, Bryce Monteyro, 27, of Pittsifed, and was heading to Bangor.