Jan. 2, 2020, file photo shows flavored vaping liquids and devices on display at the VapeNY.com store in New York. Credit: Mary Altaffer / AP

On June 1, bans on sales of all flavored tobacco products will go into effect in Brunswick and Portland.

The municipalities passed their measures earlier this year. The bans faced pushback from local businesses, but their passage was celebrated by public health experts, who warn that products such as flavored e-cigarettes are leading more young adults to become addicted to tobacco.

Bangor was the first city in Maine to pass a local ban. But councilors voted to repeal it before it went into effect because it didn’t comply with a state law requiring retailers to receive at least 30 days’ notice of such a change.

City councilors have said they hope to begin work on a new ordinance soon.

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