Montello Elementary School in Lewiston. Credit: CBS 13/WGME

LEWISTON, Maine — A kindergarten student was reportedly cut by a razor that had been put inside a jar of therapy putty at a Lewiston elementary school last Friday.

A kindergarten student suffered a cut to their hand, according to Montello Elementary School Principal Jim Cliffe.

The student was cared for by the school nurse. Basic first aid was administered, and no further medical treatment was needed, according to Cliffe.

At the end of the school day, the teacher found a shaving razor in a jar of therapy putty that is made available to students as a calming tool. Cliffe said the teacher turned it in and notified the school administration immediately.

In a letter that was sent to parents on Tuesday, Cliffe explained that the school is investigating where the razor may have come from by conducting interviews with students from the class and taking account of anyone else who may have been in the room.

Other kindergarten teachers have checked any putty they have as well as calming tents and have not discovered any similar items to the razor, according to Cliffe.

“As we try to find the source of the razor, we will be observant and vigilant. Your children’s safety is our priority. If your child has expressed concerns or feelings of uneasiness, please let us know. We have a number of resources available to assist including our school counselor and social workers,” Cliffe said.