A fake inspection sticker.
Holden police weren't fooled by a fake inspection sticker. If people are going to try to fool the police, at least get the spelling right, the department suggested. Credit: Courtesy of the Holden Police Department

Holden police have a message for you: If you’re going to fake an inspection sticker, at least get your spelling right.

A driver recently attempted to pass off a fake inspection sticker, but the Holden Police Department wasn’t fooled. In fact, the department used it as a teachable moment about the importance of proper spelling.

“Here’s a thought: If you plan on trying to fool the police with your fake inspection sticker, how about at least spelling all the words correctly?” the Holden police said in a tweet.

The artist behind this masterpiece misspelled “vehicle” as “vehical.”

It’s not the first time Mainers have gotten creative with their stickers. In 2016, a Whitefield man was charged after police found him using a piece of plastic foam as an inspection sticker and people got a hearty chuckle when Livermore Falls police found a woman had made an inspection sticker using a notice from the Auburn Police Department that appeared to be a reminder to pay a fine. That same year, an Ellsworth man was accused of making one from a milk carton.

Laughs aside, faking an inspection sticker is a Class E crime punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.