Portland City Hall.
The entrance of City Hall is lit by a faint green LED in October 2019. Credit: Nick Schroeder / BDN

Portland residents can expect another jump in taxes next year.

With skyrocketing inflation, city officials said the decision was necessary to help thousands of homeless people and asylum seekers.

The City Council on Monday night passed the $269 million budget for next year, including a 4.8 percent rise in property tax.

Mayor Kate Snyder and other city leaders said it was a difficult decision to raise taxes, especially as people struggle with rising costs of food and gas.

Acting City Manager Danielle West said that it was the city’s goal to keep any tax increase below the rate of inflation, about 8 percent.

“Understandably, that’s something that’s going to be tough on our residents,” West said. “I do understand that and respect that. But I think that given everything we’ve been facing, this is a pretty good spot and one in which everybody worked hard to get to.”

Between the cost of inflation for the city’s resources and rising numbers of homeless and asylum seekers in Portland, the city called the tax increase vital.

Snyder also called on the state to create a homeless management task force Monday night.