In this June 7, 2009, file photo, a Mainer partakes in a glass of a red table wine during a wine and cheese tasting in Lincolnville. Credit: John Clarke Russ / BDN

Voters in the Oxford County town of Hartford, just north of Lewiston, will vote Tuesday on whether to allow liquor sales and consumption.

A local winery wants to be able to sell its products and open a tasting room, but when the owners started the process of applying for their liquor license, they discovered that Hartford is a dry town.

Jen Bonaventura, co-owner of Bonaventura Vineyards, said she and her husband have been growing grapes and building their business since they bought their property in 2015.

The couple told a code enforcement officer about their plans at the time of the purchase, but didn’t find out that Hartford doesn’t allow liquor sales and consumption until about a year ago when they pursued their state and federal licenses.

“It really would be devastating if we are not able to continue with that. I mean, we’ll start pursuing other options I guess if we need to,” Bonaventura said.

Bonaventura said their winery is a small operation and the best way to sell their products is through their own tasting room. She said the community has been supportive and she’s hopeful for the outcome of Tuesday’s vote.

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