In this Aug. 1, 2007, file photo, a black bear walks across the ground in Lyme, New Hampshire. Credit: Cheryl Senter / AP

There’s a bear on the prowl in one Lewiston neighborhood.

Richard Bellisle said he sees all kinds of wildlife in his backyard from deer, to fox, to rabbits, but never a bear. He thinks the bear is about 300 pounds based on his experience hunting.

The Lewiston Police Department warned the public that there have been sightings in the outer Pleasant Street and Sabattus Street area.

Police said the bear has been spotted several times roaming the area and that the Maine Warden Service is aware of its presence.

Bellisle said he’s not concerned about the bear.

“I think people are a little overboard. That bear is not going to hurt somebody unless I can see if it had cubs or something might be a different story but that bear is more than likely hungry or it’s scared to cross one of the main roads. I have an 8-month-old grandson and it doesn’t bother me,” Bellisle said.

Bellisle said it was trash day for a lot of folks and he thinks that may have been what drew the bear to the area. Police are asking people to bring their trash cans in and to secure them.