Patrons enjoy a lobster dinner among other things at the Long Lake Sportsmen's Club in St . Agatha. Credit: Courtesy of John Clarke Russ

SINCLAIR, Maine — One of the St. John Valley’s iconic restaurants that closed last year will reopen at the end of the month with limited fare and hours.

Dippers race for the waters of Long Lake at the 2017 Polar Dip for Aroostook County Special Olympics at the Long Lake Sporting Club on Sunday, May 7. Credit: Jessica Potila | St. John Valley Times

Owners Neal and Denise Martin announced in September they would close the 50-year-old Long Lake Sporting Club’s doors on Oct. 17, citing the need for family time.

The Sporting Club was a popular destination for outdoor recreationists and sportsmen and women, especially snowmobilers, anglers, boaters and ATVers. The restaurant also hosted popular events such as the polar dip to benefit Aroostook County Special Olympics and the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby, which draws hundreds of people from Canada and the United States to the St. John Valley.

Nine months after closing shop, the Martins said on June 1 that the restaurant would take reservations for special events, wedding receptions and parties.

Now, the Martins have announced that The Sporting Club will sell gas this summer for boats and reopen the restaurant with a simplified menu Thursdays through Sundays starting June 30.

Long Lake Sporting Club will be reopening for lunch and dinner service in Sinclair on Jun. 30. Credit: Courtesy of Neal Martin

The Martins said they wanted to spend more time with their family when they closed the restaurant last fall, but did not say if the closure was permanent. While thanking their customers for supporting the restaurant over the last 50 years, the owners said that it was time to take a break.

“Now, break time is over,” Neal Martin said.

The Sporting Club’s simplified menu will still feature popular food items such as lobster, scallops, shrimp, steak and ribs. Patrons also can rent parking spaces for their boats at the restaurant’s docks.