Three people and two dogs abandoned ship at the mouth of Portsmouth Harbor on June 18 after their yacht burst into flames. Credit: Courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard / CBS 13

“Too Elusive,” the yacht that burst into flames and sank off the coast of New Hampshire in June, was brought to the surface and hauled to a salvage yard.

The yacht was hauled on a barge with air bags, containers, and four big straps, according to U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Ryan Koroknay.

Those who had to jump off the boat and were saved by a nearby lobsterman were cooperative in the salvaging process and hired subcontractors, Lt. Koroknay said.

Following reports of a diesel fuel leakage, officials said there was not enough fuel to skim it from the water, none was seen on shore and it has dissipated.

Chris Hopper from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection Response Division was proud of the collaboration between the various departments.

“It was not easy, it took careful and deliberate planning,” Hopper said. “The overarching point is there was tremendous inter-agency collaboration.”

Warr told CBS13 on Saturday afternoon the remaining yacht parts “will be pulled out of the water in the next 24 hours.”

Officials say the next step is a thorough investigation from all parties involved in the fire and sinking.