Five Islands Lobster in Georgetown said it was forced to close early for the season due to “unforeseen circumstances and staffing issues.”

“This decision was not made lightly and is not what we would choose to do but, there is no other option at this time,” Five Islands Lobster said in a Facebook post. “Thank you to all our staff for working so hard under difficult circumstances and rising above.”

Five Islands Lobster said it has always had amazing teenagers and adults that work for it. It said its remote location is the primary problem for staffing as a lot of kids who are looking for summer employment don’t have adequate transportation, so staff levels fluctuate based on that.

“There are other factors of a personal nature that have prompted us to prematurely end this season also. It’s just the perfect storm,” Five Islands Lobster said.

People who have visited the restaurant were posting on its Facebook page expressing their disappointment.

Five Islands Lobster will reopen in May 2023.