The owner of multiple frozen yogurt shops in two New England states is accused of placing a hidden camera in one of the store’s bathrooms.

Tutti Frutti franchise owner, Chanphanou Pou, 42, of Hudson, New Hampshire, was arrested Wednesday and charged with three counts of violation of privacy, a Class A misdemeanor, following a more than month-long investigation, WMUR reported.

Pou — who owns franchises in Salem and Nashua, New Hampshire, and Peabody and Auburn, Massachusetts — was released on bail.

The store bathroom where the camera was found is located inside the Pheasant Lane Mall in Nashua, New Hampshire. While it was primarily used by employees, it was open for customers as well, WMUR reported.

“During the investigation, we conducted multiple interviews, as well as doing a computer forensics investigation into the recording device as well as the memory card,” Nashua police Lt. Peter Urban told the outlet.

Nashua police said the investigation is ongoing and are looking for additional witnesses who have used the bathroom at any of the locations on or around July 23.