Two sisters from Maine revived a drowning child at a swimming pool in New Hampshire.

The near-drowning happened over the weekend at Adventure Bound Campground in New Hampton, New Hampshire.

Nicole Allen and her sister, Heather, who is a nurse, were swimming Saturday morning when they heard a boy call out. He was cradling a limp girl in his arms.

The little girl wasn’t breathing, and the sisters launched into tandem CPR to save her.

“I did compressions for three rounds. We did breaths twice. The girl coughed up a lot of the water and started to breath on her own. It was labored but we put her in the rest position,” Allen said.

A month ago, Nicole’s sister, Heather, lost her own 2-year-old son who drowned in an above-ground pool in Litchfield.

So, on Saturday, a grieving mother saved another mother from the unending heartache of losing a child.

Adventure Bound Campground didn’t respond to a request for comment.