In this image released by AMC, Lennie James portrays Morgan Jones, left, and Andrew Lincoln portrays Rick Grimes in a scene from "The Walking Dead." The eighth season premieres on Oct. 22. Credit: Gene Page / AP

MADAWASKA, Maine — Zombies invaded the small northern Maine town of Madawaska Sunday night on an episode of the television show “Tales of the Walking Dead.”

The show is a spin-off of the long-running series “The Walking Dead” and each episode features survivors living in a zombie-filled world in different towns and cities throughout the country.

Madawaska is largely composed of people of French Acadian heritage, and hosts an annual Acadian Festival each year to celebrate this fact.

Some people involved in the Madawaska version of “Tales of the Walking Dead” even uttered French phrases during Sunday’s episode.

An online fan page for the show describes the town fairly accurately: “Not much is known about Madawaska prior to or as the outbreak began, except that it had a population of 4,035 people at the time of the outbreak, with the majority of its citizens being of Acadian descent and maintaining a strong cultural identity,” the page reads.

That number is closer to approximately 2,700 people, Madawaska selectboard member Jason Boucher said.

Boucher did not see the episode, but said that if zombies were to invade Madawaska in real life, the town would have some weapons of their own to fight off the attack.

“Our greatest strength would be our resilience and willingness to fight for our community. Being far from major cities, we have always found ways to band together and accomplish great things,” he said.

Madawaska is “well known for its friendly people and great hospitality. Serving as the center of Acadian culture in Maine, we have a lot to offer our guests,” according to the town’s official website.

As long as those guests are not craving human brains.