Some parents are upset about a sex education poster at a Farmington high school.
A group of parents is upset about a sex education poster inside Mt. Blue High School. Credit: CBS 13

A group of parents are upset about a sex education poster inside Mt. Blue High School.

The poster, titled “Gender 101,” defines terms like “gender,” “transgender,” “cis-gender” and “gender non-conforming,” and it hangs in the window of the guidance counselor’s office at the school.

While some support the poster as educational and inclusive of more students, dozens of parents at Tuesday night’s RSU 9 school board meeting asked for it to be taken down, saying they don’t like the information that’s on it.

“Take it down, because some of us do find it offensive,” said Rian Hinckley of New Sharon.

“The immoral values and lifestyle that are being pushed on our children will be devastating for them, and of the future of our world as we know it,” said Kathy Hinds of New Vineyard.

Superintendent Christian Elkington decided last month the poster could stay, saying that the information is not a part of any curriculum and is purely informative.

Some in the audience Tuesday night agreed.

“This poster is informative and allows all people to and allows all people to use the same language when discussing people and their identities,” said Doug Hodum of Farmington.

“It’s so important to recognize and acknowledge all of the members of the school community, and this material supports that goal,” said Julia Daly of Farmington.

While Elkington said the poster can stay, the school board can override that decision after hearing from the public.

The school board did not take any action over the Gender 101 poster on Tuesday, but may continue the discussion at a later date.