A Connecticut man died after being thrown from his raft on the Dead River near The Forks last weekend.

Brian M. Breen, 57, of East Hartford, Connecticut, had been traveling on a raft operated by Magic Falls Rafting Co., along with six other people, when the raft came up against the Big Poplar Rapid on Saturday afternoon, according to the Kennebec Journal.

Breen, along with one other person, was thrown from the raft into the rapids. As the guide attempted to get the two passengers back into the raft, it hit another rapid, overturning and throwing the rest of the passengers into the water, the Kennebec Journal reported.

As members of the rafting group were pulled from the water, Breen remained unresponsive. Although CPR was performed as the raft traveled to meet emergency personnel, Breen died during transit, according to Mark Latti, a spokesperson for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

An autopsy has been conducted, but Breen’s cause of death has not been determined yet, according to the Kennebec Journal.

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Leela Stockley

Leela Stockley is an alumna of the University of Maine. She was raised in northern Maine, and loves her cat Wesley, her puppy Percy and staying active in the Maine outdoors.