Nando, the green-cheek conure, has been missing since she flew out her front door Saturday afternoon in the Tree Streets neighborhood in Bangor. (Courtesy of Aryn Bernier)

A small, green parrot has been on the wing since escaping from her home in Bangor’s Tree Streets neighborhood Saturday afternoon.

The green-cheek conure named Nando flew out her home’s front door when it was left ajar as some furniture was brought indoors, her owner Aryn Bernier said.

Bernier has been searching for the 8-year-old bird ever since.

“She is very friendly,” Bernier said. “If someone was to put out their hand she would probably land on it.”

In fact, that would be the best strategy for wrangling Nando, as any attempts to grab or toss something over her would further spook the parrot, which Bernier said is likely already scared and confused.

“She’s not used to being in the big outside world,” Bernier said. “This is the first time she has ever gotten out.”

Bernier was searching along Fern and Pearl streets between Mount Hope and Stillwater avenues late Monday afternoon after a resident reported hearing what sounded like the parrot’s distinctive whistle.

“I heard her yesterday near Fern and Pearl,” Bernier said. “The lady that messaged me today said she had heard a bird that did not sound like any bird she had ever heard before.”

Bernier said Nando could be enticed onto someone’s hand with her favorite treats: apple slices, cheese or ice cream. She will also come when Bernier — who admits she is unable to whistle — makes “pew pew” sounds or speaks in a sing-song voice.

Green-cheeked conures are a type of small parrot or parakeet. They are considered affectionate, full of personality and love the attention of their owners. They don’t have a huge capacity for learning words but can learn a few.

Nando, according to Bernier, does not speak but loves to whistle.

Bernier is worried about her pet’s survival, with temperatures expected to drop into the low 30s tonight.

“If we are hearing her now, that means she’s survived the last two nights,” Bernier said. “And it has been cold.”

Anyone who sees or hears a bird they believe to be Nando can call Bernier directly at 207-227-7433. She is offering a $500 reward for the bird’s recovery.

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Julia Bayly

Julia Bayly is a reporter at the Bangor Daily News with a regular bi-weekly column. Julia has been a freelance travel writer/photographer since 2000.