Following a months-long dispute involving Freedom of Access Act requests and allegations of threats, Edgecomb town officials were granted an emergency protection from harassment order from an Edgecomb resident on Oct.  5.

The protection order was issued against Timothy Harrington. Dawn Murray, chair of the Edgecomb Select Board, initially sought the order for herself after the board and Code Enforcement Officer George Chase received emails Murray believed to contain “veiled threats.” Murray decided to include board members Ted Hugger, Mike Smith, and the CEO to the protection order after seeking their permission.

Harrington did not respond to email requesting comment.

Murray spoke about the legal action during a select board meeting on Oct. 17.

“We have a hearing for a long term, likely a one-year protection from harassment, instead of the emergency order we have right now that lasts until we go to the hearing,” Murray said. “The person has been served and it has been quiet on the line ever since.”

A hearing was held on Wednesday to discuss extending the protection order.

Murray said she has not heard from Harrington since the evening of Oct. 6.

According to the complaint, Harrington’s interaction with the Select Board started with “informal request for information” from Chase throughout the summer. On Aug. 17, Harrington claimed his requests were under the Freedom of Access Act.

On Aug. 18, the complaint states that Harrington began issuing FOAA requests that were “unduly burdensome, unintelligible and appear to simply harass and complicate matters.”

After being served with a no trespass order from his neighbor on Oct. 4, Harrington sent aggressive and threatening emails to town officials saying he will use a firearm if threatened by his neighbor, according to the complaint.

These emails led Murray to seek a protection from harassment order against Harrington.

The emergency protection order was signed by District Judge Dan Driscoll.

This story appears through a media partnership with The Lincoln County News.