The storm broke windows and damaged items in the museum at Fort Williams Park, as well as the granite supporting the lighthouse bell.
In this Oct. 5, 2020, file photo, a man visits Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

The waves from Friday’s storm crashed over Fort Williams Park’s rocks and smashed into the lighthouse, causing extensive damage.

The Portland Head Light museum’s front room has damage to the counter, register and carpeting from the water.

Windows were boarded up after waves shattered the glass. Books were scattered on the floor and damaged. Outside, the granite supporting the lighthouse bell was broken.

No further artifacts were damaged at Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth.

Caution tape surrounded the perimeter and visitors aren’t allowed inside right now.

The insurance company looked over the damage Wednesday, but there is no word yet on how much the repairs will cost.

Kathy Raftice, the director of Fort Williams Park, said she has never seen damage like this from a storm.

“My understanding is it’s happened before but not to this degree, and you know when we got here and went inside the water was inside of the museum and things were knocked over,” Raftice said.

Raftice said the lighthouse is enjoyed by many in the community, so seeing the damage has not been easy.

“People come here all year long to walk through and just look at things and so we hope to get those things repaired as soon as possible,” Raftice said.