A Bangor man was charged with theft Thursday night for allegedly forcing people to pay large “impound fees” after he towed their vehicles without authorization, police said Friday.

Bruce LiCausi Jr., 19, owns a towing company in Alton called All Towed Up. Several Bangor residents reported to police that the company had towed their vehicles due to parking violations, but there was no request from law enforcement or property owners authorizing the removals, according to  Detective Lt. Brent Beaulieu of the Bangor Police Department.

The towing began in December 2022, police said.

Maine State Police arrested LiCausi Thursday night in Alton on theft charges.

Police are asking anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of this towing company to contact Officer Nicholas Canarr at 207-947-7382 or the local police department for areas outside of Bangor.

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