A parent at a youth basketball game in Lewiston was arrested for allegedly brandishing a gun during an argument.

Lewiston police arrested Nathaniel Udoroh, 32, on charges of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and reckless conduct with a firearm after he allegedly brandished the weapon during the game at the Lewiston Armory on Central Avenue, according to the Lewiston Sun Journal 

The newspaper quoted a witness who said “everyone’s OK.” Both Udoroh and the person he argued with are parents of athletes who were playing, Lt. Derrick St. Laurent of the Lewiston Police Department said.  

“It appeared they had history,” he told the paper.

The game was run by the city’s recreation department, which canceled other games on Saturday and Sunday.

BDN writer Adam Robinson contributed to this report.

Dan MacLeod

Dan MacLeod is the managing editor of the Bangor Daily News. He's an Orland native who moved to Portland in 2002 and now lives in Unity. He's been a journalist since 2008, and previously worked for the...