This bollard in the Auburn Walmart parking lot has been hit multiple times over the years, amassing a reputation and becoming a local tourist destination. Credit: Courtesy of Stevve Dayton

A pole in the Auburn Walmart parking lot has been struck so many times by vehicles that it’s become a local sensation and attracted international attention. 

The pole, known as a bollard, has become an unofficial tourist attraction, leading the Boston Globe and the Daily Mail recently to write about it.

Located near the front entrance of the Walmart, the bright yellow bollard has been struck so many times that it prompted a Facebook group named “The Auburn Walmart Pole Strikes Again.” and local women’s obituary to ask for its removal.

Recently, it was redecorated, with cement barriers erected around it and a light-up stop sign. But, the pole has still been struck, according to reports.

People often hit the pole with disastrous results with vehicles becoming stuck on the bollard or rollover crashes occurring. 

The Auburn Walmart has gained a reputation for having frequent crashes including parking lot pile ups and damaged shopping cart corrals

The reputation spurred a 9-year-old girl to take an hour-and-a-half drive with her mother to the Walmart to take a picture with the pole for her birthday, according to News Center Maine. The photo drew widespread attention after the girl’s mother, Lexi Doak, shared the image with News Center. It prompted a handful of other drive-by visitors in the following weeks. 

A June 2, 2021, obituary for Janet Morse wrote that friends wishing to make a donation in Morse’s name should “please donate to the removal of the notorious Auburn Walmart pole that has led to the needless destruction of countless vehicles.”

Auburn Fire Chief Jason Moen told the Globe that despite the department responding to 130 crashes at the scene since 2020, he couldn’t recall any serious injuries. Most often, responders have to clean up antifreeze and other vehicle fluids. 

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