The Aroostook Centre Mall on Sunday. Credit: Paul Bagnall / The Star-Herald

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The Aroostook Centre Mall has closed because its owners haven’t paid the utility bills.

Bruce Brigman, mall general manager, said Sunday that Kohan Retail Investment Group has not paid the Presque Isle shopping center’s electricity and water bills. 

“I cannot safely open the mall without either of these utilities,” Brigman said. “Every attempt to communicate with KRIG Operations has failed, and I’m left with no other option.”

Both services will be shut off this week, and the mall will close Monday until further notice. The New York company bought the mall in 2019.

Brigman is embarrassed to work for a company that doesn’t pay its bills in the community it serves.

The document has circulated among local residents on Facebook, including the sites My Aroostook! and Concerned Citizens of Presque Isle.

People were in the mall Sunday.

Neither Brigman nor Mike Kohan, CEO of Kohan Retail Investment Group, were immediately available for comment.