That decision violated the district's own policy requiring books to remain on the shelf while under review.
Bonny Eagle High School in Standish. Credit: CBS 13

A Maine school district violated its own policy by removing books in the library that were under review.

The Bonny Eagle school district voted Monday night to temporarily remove eight books from district libraries, according to the Portland Press Herald.

About a dozen parents and grandparents complained the books had inappropriate content and asked the board to remove them.

The policy is to keep the books while a review is conducted. BUt  the board voted to ignore the policy and remove the eight books.

The Press Herald reported the books include “Juliet Takes a Breath,” by Gabby Rivera, a story about a gay, Puerto Rican college student trying to find her identity and “Push,” a book about an illiterate 16-year-old who is raped and beaten by family members, but with the help of a devoted teacher learns to write and pursues an education.

Around the country conservative groups have called for and received bans on dozens of books tackling race and gender.