Residents of the Bayside Trail homeless camps will have at least another week before the city begins dismantling them.
A park ranger speaks to a man packing his belongings at a homeless campsite at Deering Oaks Park on Sept. 28, 2022, in Portland. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

People experiencing homelessness said Portland has given them a one-week extension to remain at the homeless camps along Bayside Trail.

Right now, dozens of tents are pitched along the trail, starting behind Trader Joe’s.

The city said the camps pose a danger to the people staying there and the general public.

But those living in the camps said they have nowhere else to go.

“Mostly, they don’t have a place to go,” said General Abu, an asylum seeker from Kenya.

“All these tents that the people have, they don’t have houses. They’re people that need some help. But the city is gonna be removing as soon as Wednesday the scraps of all the people they’re going to be cleaning out.”

This Tuesday, the City Council will meet in executive session to discuss an emergency housing plan. The emergency shelter assessment committee will meet Wednesday to discuss the homelessness crisis.