In this Aug. 3, 2017, file photo the Dollar General store is pictured. Credit: Sue Ogrocki / AP

ENFIELD, Maine — A new report claims Dollar General exposed workers to workplace hazards.

Nine OSHA inspections across four states found unsafe conditions, including at a location in Maine.

The inspectors say these unsafe conditions include fire, electrical, and exit hazards.

A store in Enfield, Maine, is among those in the report.

According to OSHA, inspectors found rolling containers and boxes of products obstructing or completely blocking access to an emergency exit at the store in Enfield. The agency also found carts clogging aisles and preventing quick access to fire extinguishers, and some goods stacked unsafely up to six feet high in front of and around an electrical panel. In addition, inspectors noted the store had not visually inspected fire extinguishers at least monthly, as required.

The findings carry $3.4 million in penalties against the retailer.

Since 2017, Dollar General is facing more than $21 million in proposed penalties after 240 inspections.