Cabinets were ransacked, coolers emptied and trash littered throughout the Franklin Pasture Sports Complex.
Lewiston Public Schools is cleaning up after officials found the high school sports complex vandalized Friday night. Credit: Courtesy of Jake Langlais / CBS 13

The Lewiston High School sports complex was vandalized Friday night.

Superintendent Jake Langlais said the athletic director got a call from a neighbor just before 10 p.m. reporting loud banging at the Franklin Pasture Sports Complex behind Lewiston High School.

When he got there, he found the complex trashed.

Langlais said it looked like someone — or a group — ransacked cabinets, emptied drink coolers and littered trash within the building and surrounding field. It looked like someone forced open a liftgate, squeezed through the opening and let others inside.

There were also rocks and stones scattered along the pathway, in the bleachers and on the field.

“We had a rental this morning, so Mr. Fuller went over, and he was picking up rocks, moving things, trying to pick up trash, make it look presentable before the renters got there,” said Langlais. “It’s really saddening, it’s heartbreaking, it’s frustrating, and just not what we want as a community.”

Langlais said the district has had incidents before, so it’s now on high alert.

Last Tuesday, the City Council discussed a possible ordinance that could change the hours the complex is open and maybe even lock the gates.