One of the key reasons Allie Ladd of Byron achieves so much success producing trail camera videos and photos is that he knows the best spots to put them.

Usually, that includes placing cameras where the wildlife either doesn’t notice them, or where they don’t seem to be disturbing anything.

Today’s trail camera clips from the Baron of Byron seem to indicate they were visible enough to generate both a bit of curiosity, and even some anger.

In the first segment, a cow moose walking along a trail gets up close and personal to take a serious sniff of one of Ladd’s cameras. After it gets a snootful, the animal seems to be startled by something and trots off.

The second piece of today’s offerings proves that not all creatures are big fans of being recorded secretly while going about their daily routine. An animal, which doesn’t appear in the frame, takes out its frustration by mauling the camera. Ladd said it was a black bear.

Bangor Daily News readers continue to be blessed by Ladd’s relentless pursuit of new and intriguing wildlife videos. For that, we are appreciative.

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