A sign discourages motorists from traveling any further on a stretch of the Washburn Road in northern Aroostook County in this 2009 file photo. Credit: John Clark Russe / BDN

CARIBOU — Flash floods could hit parts of three counties across Maine Friday , according to the National Weather Service in Caribou.

Winds up to 60 miles per hour and one-inch hail were predicted, according to the weather service warning issued Friday afternoon. The storms came on the heels of temperatures in the 80s Friday afternoon.

The chance of flooding is higher in northern areas of each of the three counties, Meteorologist Anne Strauser said on Friday afternoon.

“Anywhere north of Houlton could see storms that would produce flash flooding,” Strauser said.

The highest chance of flooding is in the North Woods, which is in the northwestern portion of Aroostook, she said.

Likewise, Piscataquis County also has a higher chance of flooding in its northern region.

“Although the storms are ongoing, I can’t necessarily narrow it down to a town,” Strauser said. “But I would say the greatest potential is in the northern two-thirds of [Piscataquis County].”

Strauser said that while the threat is lowest in Penobscot County, certain portions of the region could still experience flash flooding. Storms were heading toward Grand Lake Matagamon and Shin Pond, she said.

The flooding advisories are in effect until 10 p.m. Friday.

Strauser said motorists should exercise caution if they need to drive in any of these areas, and to turn around if they see any flooding.

“In addition to the flooding threat, we also have the threat of lightning and possible wind damage,” Strauser said. “So just be weather-aware and stay inside if there’s a thunderstorm in your area.”