A sign in front of the local town office in Blue Hill, Maine. Credit: Bill Trotter / BDN

A year after he got the job, Blue Hill’s town administrator has submitted his resignation to town officials.

Nicholas Nadeau’s last day will be August 11. He was hired for the post in June 2022 and started work in Blue Hill last August. His initial employee agreement was supposed to last two years.

In a letter to the town posted on the town website, Nadeau said he is leaving for personal reasons, but did not elaborate. The letter is dated July 7.

“As of writing this letter, all open positions with the town are filled, alleviating extra pressure my departure might have on the staff,” Nadeau said. “Thank you for selecting me a year ago to work with this community. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to the town continuing the strategic and modern vision we’ve created during this past year.”

Members of the town’s Select Board said Tuesday they were “disappointed” by Nadeau’s decision to resign.

“He was doing a good job for our town and has great potential as a municipal administrator,” the board said. “His decision to terminate his two-year employment agreement after only one year was solely his decision and within his rights.”

Nadeau came to Blue Hill last summer from the town of Waterbury, Vermont, where he worked for four years, according to the Waterbury Roundabout. 

Nadeau was Blue Hill’s second town administrator, a position created in 2019, after longtime Selectman Jim Schatz opted to step down. Schatz, who held the position for 24 years, effectively served as the town’s manager while he was in office.

Shawna Ambrose was hired in the fall of 2019 as Blue Hill’s first town administrator. She resigned at the end of January 2022, citing the need to spend more time with her family.

Blue Hill officials said Tuesday that they will begin searching for a new town administrator immediately.

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