Ranger Susan Darrell welcomes a visitor to Acadia National Park in 2022. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty / AP

Acadia National Park will remain open through Sunday if the government shuts down this weekend, an official said.

Amanda Pollock, the park’s public information officer, said Saturday that the park won’t close its gates on Sunday in the event of a shutdown, but the future beyond this weekend is unclear.

“Right now we are fully funded through Sunday,” Pollock said. “Operations are continuing as normal and according to the Department of Interior’s contingency, tomorrow will be operations as normal as well.”

Acadia has closed the park during prior shutdowns because with most rangers and services off duty, it would take more time for help to arrive in the event of an emergency. The last time the park closed for an extensive period of time was in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.