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PFAS 101: What can be done?

A panel discussion considering what can actually be done about PFAS contamination in our water, farmland, and bodies. Learn about how current and future research and innovation in Maine can set the stage for the rest of the nation.

Co-moderated by Ellen Griswold, MFT vice president & deputy director and Mehr Sher, BDN environmental reporter.

Tue, November 15 at 5:30PM
Past Event
PFAS 101: What do we know?

Get the basics about what we know about PFAS and why it matters.

What are PFAS, why are they harmful to our water, soil, food, and bodies, and how are they impacting agriculture and human health in Maine - and across the nation?

Co-moderated by Tricia Rouleau, MFT Farm Network Director and Mehr Sher, BDN environmental reporter.

Tue, October 25 at 5:30PM
Past Event
What Maine home sellers need to know for 2022

If you’re selling or planning to sell your home, you’re wondering how long Maine’s housing bubble will last. Join real estate and industry experts for a discussion of the trends affecting Maine’s housing market, what 2022 may bring, and what you need to know to make smart decisions when selling your home. Moderated by Bangor Daily News reporter Abby Curtis.

Tue, December 14 at 6:00PM