From Kennebunk to Damariscotta, Skowhegan to Harpswell, and even into the woods of Randolph and on the roads of Maine, stories of haunted happenings can be found in every corner of the Pine Tree State.

“I think a lot of the stories started with some fact. But it gets changed through the ages,” said Tony Lewis, one of the co-founders of the Maine Ghost Hunters paranormal investigations group.

Here are some of the spookiest Maine ghost stories to tell your friends in the dark this Halloween.

A frightful drive on Route 182

Some nights, locals say, you might see a woman walking along the side of Route 182. Her name is Catherine, as the legend goes, and her spirit hasn’t known peace for decades.

Hauntings of an inn in Kennebunk

Some believe the Room 17 at the Kennebunk Inn is haunted by the ghost of former night watchman and poet Silas Perkins, who died in the room in 1952.

Curse of the murdered Bangor fur trader

It was a frigid night in February 1791, when Joseph Junin was found on the floor of his home with a gunshot wound in the head. His death is a story of mystery, vengeance, curses and resurrection.