This week, ClickBack, the BDN’ s interactive editorial page feature, solicits reader comments on the role of politics in the Olympics, negative political ads and Maine’ s electric grid. To participate, go to ClickBack logo in the Opinion section of the home page or click here. Participants must register, but the BDN does not share registration information with third parties. Readers can post their own ClickBack questions as well.

President Bush will attend the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Beijing. Does this send the message that the U.S. tolerates China’ s human rights abuses?

Should the president stay home? Or is he doing the right thing by honoring the spirit of international goodwill in athletic competition? Should political views be set aside during the Olympics? Can they be set aside? Does Bush’ s presence embolden the Chinese in their continued persecution of political and religious groups?

Presidential political ads have gone negative — do they work or will they backfire against the candidates who use them?

Sen. John McCain has launched a TV ad comparing Sen. Barack Obama to vacuous celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and another comparing him to Moses as played by the late Charlton Heston. Is this fair? Is it effective? Should Sen. Obama respond with ads suggesting Sen. McCain is Statler and Waldorf, the cranky old men in the balcony on the Muppet Show? Which celebrities do you think should portray McCain and Obama?

Major upgrades to Maine’ s electric grid are proposed — will this be good for users here?

With wind power projects proposed in several parts of the state, the limitations of existing transmission line systems have become apparent. Central Maine Power, Bangor Hydro Electric and Maine Public Service are all proposing delivery system upgrades. But much of the power that will be sent over the lines is destined for market in southern New England. Should these projects be approved? Should conditions be attached, such as protecting Mainers from picking up much of the cost?

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