In Loving Memory Of My Son BENJAMIN R. PRESTON Oct. 10, 1980 – Sept. 2, 2007 A year ago today, he is gone, but not forgotten, his memory lives on. Ben, you were a blessing, who fulfilled our lives for so long. Now our eyes are filled with sorrow, for without you is how we face tomorrow. Laughter is how I remember you best, full of faith, sunshine and happiness. Baseball, football, friends, family and cheer, just a few of the things that you held dear. Holidays and birthdays will never be the same, without you there to argue about who’s gonna win the game. What will the Red Sox do without their biggest fan? They’ll probably still hear you yelling as we all know you can. God is smiling down as you watch us from above. Now he has our catcher with that perfect golden glove. Save a game for me because I’ll be seeing you one day, reunited in heaven, for eternity we will stay. Our good times are now a memory, as you are laid to rest, know that you are in our hearts, I love and miss you, God bless. Love, Mom