Palin more of same

Do Republicans have no pride? Last winter the Republican presidential candidates (including John McCain) ridiculed Obama for running on the theme of “change.” Now, they have grabbed the idea as if they are going to bring the changes America so desperately needs.

Apparently they think Americans are stupid or have short-term memory problems and don’t remember it was the Democrats who first had the slogan. John McCain has been in office for 26 years; wasn’t that long enough to create change? We had a Republican president and a Republican controlled Congress before 2006, but only now they speak of change?

Do you suppose they even realize that the reason this country needs a change is because of their disastrous policies? Probably not, but by picking Palin as his running mate (and she was not his first choice), McCain’s ensuring that there won’t be change. She leads the far right, which has controlled Republican policies for too long and helped to bring the nation to this dark time in its history. She does not represent change; she represents more of the same.

Sylvia L. Tapley


• • •

Orono council kudos

On the evening of Sept 8, rushing off after our family dinner, I was rewarded by the sight of the Orono Town Council voting unanimously to adopt a resolution opposing a pre-emptive attack on Iran without congressional approval. About 20 residents were present at the meeting — a small proportion of the 290 who signed the petition to the council supporting the resolution circulated by members of the Orono Peace Group and the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine.

Discussion of the motion by the public and council members included the question of whether it was appropriate for a small town in Maine to be considering this matter. However, all council members were convinced that rather than Orono getting involved in making laws on foreign policy, this was a reflection of the fact that every citizen is affected (financially, increased security threats and more) by our country being at war. A comment was also made that this resolution is ultimately only requesting the federal government to adhere to the Constitution.

I am proud to know this resolution will be sent to President Bush and the Maine congressional delegation. It is the third such resolution from a Maine town, but hopefully more will follow. Orono is a small community, but perhaps if we put our voices together we can avoid another disastrous military engagement in the Middle East.

Dr. Fiona Sorensen Hamilton


• • •

Bush made us safer

The pictures of the 9-11 attacks, shown on TV during the anniversary, make you remember how it felt back then. I remember wondering what kind of world my children would grow up in. At that time I don’t think any of us thought we would make it seven years without another major attack.

Through history we will see that President Bush made the right call when he decided not to treat the attacks as crimes but as acts of war. History will remember the days when decisions were made for what they were, not by looking back as a Monday quarterback.

History won’t forget a tyrant who killed and tortured his own people and held the world hostage with threats both real and made up. It won’t forget that a monster who had started a war just 10 years before was breaking almost every U.N. agreement.

Say what you will, but you can’t deny that Bush has made us safer. I hope we as a country can change the political culture that tears down anyone with whom we disagree, so that the next president at least stands a chance of defending us.

Jonathan Worthley


• • •

Collins works for state

Recently, I have seen some letters to the editor that have questioned the integrity of Sen. Susan Collins.

I first met Susan 14 years ago. I’ve seen her work for us in and out of the government to do the best for Maine. Since she was elected to the Senate in 1996, I have followed her career closely and I have been so proud of her and the work she has done.

Whether it is diabetes funding, education issues, postal reform, or her work as chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, she has proved herself to be a leader not afraid to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats to get things done.

She has worked hard for the people of Maine.

Anyone who knows Susan knows she is a person of great integrity and strength of character. She has worked every day to do what is best for her constituents.

Betty Lee Comstock


• • •

Farming uteruses

I’ve just read ex-state Sen. Hayes Gahagan’s comments (BDN OpEd, Sept. 11) about America’s uteruses and the best way to farm them for the future world wars he sees coming and the joy with which he apparently welcomes them. I just want to say that is the kind of forward thinking that made the Medieval period such a time of enlightenment and growth. I can only assume that his follow-up, “Giving Smallpox infected blankets to the Middle East,” will be equally thought-out foreign policy.

I am loathe to bring up someone’s family, particularly this man’s, since they seem to have suffered enough already, but I can only assume that one non-negotiable he forgot to mention that his wife must possess (“come from a large family and be willing to have a lot of children”) the ability to settle, which she obviously has. He proudly claims to be an “un-hyphenated American,” which, by the way, is hyphenated, I can only assume that’s his clever, ex-senator (hyphenated) expert on foreign policy, inner-circle-spy way of saying “white.”

If he’s looking for a hyphenated American phrase, how about bigot-American. And by the way, the term is “Islamo-terrorist,” not “Islamo-fascist”. If you’re going to hate, hate correctly. They have the terrorists, we have the fascists.

Arthur Morison


• • •

Democrats to blame

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Democratic Party (including Tom Allen) have had complete control of Congress for two years and all they have done is give us $4 a gallon gas. Mr. Allen is correct: It is time for a change in Washington. It is time to get rid of the tax-and-spend liberals and vote in some fiscally responsible conservatives who will support offshore drilling.

Robert L. Tracy


• • •

Love it or leave it

I’m amazed at the abysmal ignorance of Americans who think they know what’s best for America. A prime example is the letter, ‘“Irresponsible’ choice” by Kent Price (BDN, Sept. 10). It took a decade and 17 U.N. resolutions to get Iraq’s dictator to disarm.

Weapons scientists from Russia, France and Germany were in the country setting up chem-bio plants, assembling specialized equipment for nuclear weapons. Hussein was only a year away from manufacture of weaponized radioactive isotopes – also could readily have bought nuclear bombs from former Soviet republics.

Hussein was walking in King Nebuchadnezzar’s footsteps in Iraq. Freedom-loving countries must pre-empt the destructive plans of rogue nations to preserve liberty.

So we have a fiery, loyal, true patriot come on the national scene as a moral scrubbing cleanser and vile, stinking moral corruption and she is welcomed as an irresponsible upstart. America was established to function magnificently only for God-loving, fearing worshiping citizens.

So, if folks dislike Sarah Palin’s brand of blue-blood patriotism, please do us all a favor and go live where a leader plays your tune of nationalism.

Elmer Morin


• • •

GOP fear issues

I want to hear the issues. I want to hear what the candidates will do about the economy, jobs and housing. I want to hear what they will do about health care, education and our crumbling infrastructure. I want to hear what they will do about the Iraq, national security, our weakened military, alternative energy and protecting our environment.

But Republicans fear issues like a plague. Do voters hear any solutions or proposals on the above from the Republicans? All you hear are idiotic ripostes like lipstick and pigs, elite and effete, terrorist and ’60s radicalism.

Republicans are running scared. They want to keep to the low road and hope that the voters will listen to vacuous ramblings and vote them into office.

James Chasse

St. Agatha

• • •

Palin not Clinton

As a woman, no as a person, I was outraged to read Pat LaMarche’s article on Gov. Sarah Palin (BDN, Sept. 3). Pat LaMarche cleverly disguised her remarks as a person who can now read the mind of a conservative Republican.

LaMarche then proceeds to refer to Gov. Palin as a “girl” four times in her column. She then has the audacity to call Gov. Palin a “uterus” three times. This is unconscionable in today’s world.

You would think the liberal media could at the very least show respect to a political candidate who does not share their views. Maine ladies, this is how the liberals think, believe and write. Do they really represent you? LaMarche refers to Gov. Palin as Mrs. Palin in her article. She’s a governor; do you write about Mr. Baldacci? Show some respect for her office. I just want to add two words to LaMarche’s closing statement, she writes “Mrs. Palin is no Hillary Clinton,” I’ll add “Thank God.”

Lona Gagnon


• • •

Oil state governors

Leave it to the party of Snowe and Collins to select once again for one of the nation’s highest offices an inexperienced governor from an oil industry state. With all their promises of change, as people head to the polls, they should remember for whom Bush and

Cheney will cast their votes.

Michael Grillo


• • •

Pig lovers unite

A huge brouhaha is in the news over a remark that Barack Obama made in describing John McCain’s policies. Obama said you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. It was clear he was talking about McCain, but the McCain campaign chose to claim that Obama was referring to McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin, and feigned outrage.

What bothers me is that Palin had already compared herself to a pit bull in a previous speech. I think what we need here is some animal-usage guidance. What animal comparisons are acceptable? Snakes, vultures? Why the outrage over a pig comparison? Is this bigotry? By golly, I think it is! It’s swine hatred!

Pig lovers of the U.S., unite and stand up to this outrage! Pigs deserve as much respect as pit bulls. Maybe more — they’re more cuddly. This treatment of pigs is detestable, and I must voice my protest. Who’s up for a Million Pig March on Washington? Silly Season, anyone?

Cindy Carusi


• • •

Life begins at birth

I would like to respond to my friend, Hayes Gahagan’s OpEd “Reproduction and responsibility vital to the U.S. (BDN, Sept. 11). This is an important issue in the presidential election, especially because Democrats and Republicans differ on the issue. Although most people have their minds made up, an open, respectful discussion is still useful.

Hayes’ premise that Americans need to outproduce the “Islam-fascists” with a high birth rate is weaker than the premise that humans are already overpopulating the earth. The problem of overpopulation can be seen everywhere – global warming, abuse of resources, destruction of environment, etc. An article in the same issue, “Humans silently extinguishing fish species,” is an example.

Hayes’ statement “once life is conceived, there is a corresponding responsibility to nurture it,” is an admirable and ideal philosophy. And this confronts the biggest element of the issue — when does life begin? I believe life begins with the birth of a healthy baby. Our age is determined from birth, not conception. Our creator has made us so that many fertilized eggs do not develop into a healthy baby for many different reasons. Miscarriages and stillbirths are not uncommon.

There are many good reasons why a pregnant woman may want to have an abortion. Our society has no business making laws to force her to go through pregnancy that has significant complications that could lead to her death. Hayes’ article did not address this point, however, I think Republican candidates favor making a law that would take away the abortion choice.

William Babson, Jr.