BANGOR, Maine — Though the groundwork and utility work have been completed since late spring, construction on a new Shaw’s Supermarket on Still-water Avenue has yet to begin.

Attempts last week and this week to determine when construction will start proved unsuccessful. Telephone calls to public relations personnel for Shaw’s and its parent company, Supervalu, have yet to be returned.

The proposed 50,000-square-foot Shaw’s store, to be located across the street from the Bangor Parkade shopping center, would replace the Massachusetts-based company’s current store at 46 Springer Drive, off Hogan Road, Shaw’s announced in April 2007.

The company said at that time that the current store, which opened in 1986, would stay open until the new one is built.

John Toic, vice president and director of project development for site developer First Hart-ford Realty Corp. of Manchester, Conn., said the new super-market construction was being handled by Shaw’s but that his company plans to move ahead with two smaller buildings, one of them a sit-down restaurant, for the roughly 10-acre site.