In Loving Memory Of JESSICA LEE LAZORE May 9, 1987 – Jan. 31, 2004 Jessica, it has been three years since you have left us. It still feels like yesterday. I still wait for your calls. I still wait to hear your voice. If there was any way that I could have one more day with you, I would take it. I think about you all the time. Your are always with me. I love you very much. Always and forever, no matter what. Love, Mom Princess, it’s been three years since you were taken from us. I close my eyes and can see you smiling. I know you are with God, so soar high angel. I love you. You’re in my heart and thoughts every day. Love, Dad and Karen To our big sister. We miss you a lot and wish you were here with us, to help us through this life. We love you. David and Nick