KAYLEE MAE SCHOPPEE On her First Birthday A Little Angel was given to us a year ago today, November 10, 2002, what a surprise it was on her mommy’s birthday too! Daddy brought you to me all bundled up and snug, I looked at you, you looked at me and I thanked God above. You were so beautiful, so precious; you looked just like your dad, and all the pain I’d gone through, no longer seemed so bad. We kissed your head, you looked at us, and our whole world fell into place, For all the peace and love in the world rested in your tiny face. Stealing our hearts and bringing us love You were a miracle from the heaven above! Happy 1st Birthday to a true angel, Kaylee Mae With lots of Hugs and Kisses on this special day! Some dream of angels, we held one in our arms! We love and miss you very much!! Love always, Mommy and Daddy