The family of KENNY SIROIS would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the people, high schools, coaches, organizations, and businesses that have supported us during these difficult times; thank you to Fr. James Albert, Fr. Claude Gendreau, Monsignor Leopold Nicknair, and Deacon Donald Clavette and especially the choir for the beautiful mass. Thank you to the ladies who prepared the wonderful meal afterward at St. David Parish Hall. Thank you for those who visited, sent cards and flowers, masses, brought food to our home, and given sympathy wishes. We are deeply grateful for all the monetary contributions that are helping us through the unexpected process of burying our son and travel expenses to have our other children medically checked. A special thank you to all those who have and in some cases are still contributing their time and energy for: the funeral service, fundraisers, the walkathon, and the KC family fun day upcoming in August. We thank all of you who have thought of our son/brother in any small way. Kenny was with us but for a short time. He is with us in spirit. Let us all share our memories of him. Let us have faith that when it is our time, we will get answers to some of life’s tough, very tough, questions. John 16:22 Vincent, Wendy, Mark, Matt & Lisa Sirois