In Loving Memory Of THOMAS O. AYERS Sept. 29, 1933 – May 3, 2005 I mourn for you in silence, no eyes can see me weep, but many a silent tear is shed, while others are asleep. Though your smile is gone forever, your hand I cannot touch, still I have so many memories, of the one I loved so much. Your memory is my keepsake, with which we’ll never part, God has you in His keeping, and I have you in my heart. I do not need a special day, to bring you to my mind, my life goes on without you, and nothing is the same, I try to hide my heartache, when someone speaks your name. Sad are the hearts that love you, silent are the tears that fall. Living my life without you, is the hardest part of all. The special years will not return, when we were together, but with the love within our hearts, you’ll walk with me forever. In silence she still wanders, when doors open she looks, she gazes out the windows to be under foot. Your four-legged treasure she was and will always be, she looks for you often, your dog best friend and me. Lovingly remembered by wife, Doris; dog, Devon; and special friends, Don and Debi