We, The Family Of WILLARD KELLEY JR. have been overwhelmed and comforted by the many tributes of love for him. To all of you who have so generously supported us with cards, food, phone calls, flowers, visits, prayers and love during the past two weeks; and to all of you, his many, many friends, who have so graciously shared with us your love for him in so many ways during his illness. To the local volunteer fire departments, volunteer ambulance units, police escorts and fly-over pilots who planned and gave their time for such a display of love and respect for Willard Jr. to bring him home and to honor him in such a beautiful tribute at his funeral. To Dr. Aselton and the staff at Milbridge Medical Center and the many dedicated doctors, nurses, and hospital staffs at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Maine Medical Center and Eastern Maine Medical, who Willard Jr., loved and appreciated so very much for their loving care and untiring efforts to defeat the leukemia; To SAD 37 for allowing us the space of the Dome at NHS to that his many friends could share in the celebration of his life; To you who so graciously said, ‘Yes,” when we asked for your talents to honor him at the funeral; To the visiting funeral directors who supported him, his staff and family by offering their services at the funeral; To Willard Jr.’s outstanding staff at Bragdon-Kelley-Campbell Funeral Homes who worked so tirelessly to present him in such a wonderful and natural way and supported and showed their love and respect for him and his entire family; You have given us comfort and strength and wonderful memories to add to our own. We will be forever grateful. Thank you all! Friends are welcome to visit his final resting place at the family cemetery on Stanley Point Road. Willard Jr. would say to all of you, “Thank you, I appreciate that so much and hope you had a fun time at the fireworks.” Joseph and Cindy; Willard Sr. and Lorena; Charles, Julie and Family; Kathy, Jim and Family