BELFAST, Maine — Enoch B. Petrucelly, 23, of Palmyra on Friday pleaded not guilty and not criminally responsible to the charge of intentionally or knowingly causing the death of his brother Michael Petrucelly on Aug. 10 on North Haven.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm ordered Petrucelly held without bail pending a hearing.

Petrucelly was indicted by a Knox County grand jury on Oct. 3, but Assistant Attorney General Leane Zainea is prosecuting the case in Waldo County Superior Court because of the availability of a judge in that county.

A psychiatric evaluation requested by defense attorney Howard O’Brien III of Portland has determined that Petrucelly is competent to stand trial. But on Friday O’Brien asked for and was granted another evaluation to determine whether his client was suffering from mental disease or defect at the time he committed the crime.

O’Brien said that the evaluation, which is to be conducted at Riverview Psychiatric Center in Augusta within the next 60 days, could help determine that his client was not criminally responsible for his act.

According to a court affidavit, Petrucelly used a knife concealed in a “gentleman’s cane” to stab his 24nyear-old brother, Michael, three times in the chest while Michael was sleeping at a friend’s home on North Haven. The younger Petrucelly said he thought he and his brother were romantically involved with the same woman, according to the document.

State police Detective Adam Kelley, the primary investigating officer in the case, said in the affidavit that Petrucelly and his brother, who shared a home in Palmyra, traveled to North Haven on the ferry on Saturday, Aug. 9, to visit friends and attend “Lungfest,” a festival on the island.

Enoch Petrucelly said he had planned to meet with a woman named Eva Lilley, 43, of Bangor, who was staying on the island. He said he had had a romantic relationship with Lilley for the past several years.

Petrucelly stated that before the ferry ride over from Rockland to North Haven he warned his brother not to touch Eva “in that way,” or else he would kill him, said the affidavit.

Lilley has denied any romantic involvement with either Petrucelly brother, stating that a relationship was something that Enoch Petrucelly imagined.

The younger Petrucelly stated in the affidavit that he and his brother spent Saturday night at the residence of their friends Tiffany Wiles, who is Eva Lilley’s daughter, and Geoffrey Barrett, at 353 Crabtree Point Road in North Haven.

The brothers reportedly slept that night on separate beds in the same room downstairs.

Enoch Petrucelly said in the affidavit that he awoke early in the morning, took the cane that was in the room and exposed the sharp blade to stab his sleeping brother three times, each time in the heart or as close to it as he could come.

Michael Petrucelly made groaning sounds and then died, according to the court document.

Shortly afterward, Wiles came downstairs and Enoch Petrucelly told her that he had killed his brother.

Police received a report of an unresponsive man at the home shortly before 6 a.m. Sunday, but Michael Petrucelly was dead when they arrived.

Detective Kelley said in court documents that when he spoke with personnel at the Knox County dispatch center, he learned that Enoch Petrucelly had indicated to rescue personnel at the scene that he had killed his brother.

Kelley said that he began interviewing Enoch Petrucelly at the Town Office in North Haven and continued his questioning at the state police barracks in Thomaston after he and Petrucelly had returned to the mainland on the ferry.

“Shortly after my interview with Enoch was finished, I placed him under arrest for murder and transported him to Knox County jail,” Kelley said in the affidavit.