To meet the state’s proof of residency requirements for a driver’s license or state identification card, one must produce one of the following documents:

– State driver’s license or identification card with a physical address listed.

– Property tax bill or deed or mortgage or lien agreement.

– Maine vehicle registration, title or lease agreement.

– Maine fishing or hunting license or concealed weapons permit.

– Marriage certificate.

– Department of Health and Human Services compliance document.

– Utility bills (cable, television, telephone, etc.).

– Paycheck stub or tax return (W-2).

– Home services contract (lawn care, painting, etc.).

They also must provide acceptable proof of legal presence:

– For U.S. citizens: birth certificate (must be a certified copy); U.S. passport or passport card; certificate of citizenship or naturalization; U.S. citizen identification card; identification card for resident citizen of the U.S.

– For noncitizens: permanent resident card; resident alien card; arrival-departure form I-94 (stamped); employment authorization card.

For a complete list of acceptable documents, ask a BMV service representative or visit the bureau’s Web site at