BUCKSPORT, Maine — The Franciscan Brothers of St. Elizabeth of Hungary and the Little Brothers of St. Francis from the Archdiocese of Boston will lead a “Lenten Day of Recollection” midway between Ash Wednesday and Good Friday at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 60 Franklin St.

In respect to the spiritual life, recollection, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, means attention to the presence of God in the soul. It includes the withdrawal of the mind from external and earthly affairs in order to attend to God and divine things.

There are two ways Christians can realize spiritual recollection, according to the “Catholic Encyclopedia.”

Active recollection may be attained by a person’s own efforts aided by the ordinary grace of God. So, any devout soul can acquire the habit of thinking of God’s presence and of fixing attention upon him and his divine perfections.

Passive recollection does not depend upon an individual’s efforts, but is an extraordinary grace infused by God, by which he summons together the faculties of the soul and manifests his presence and his perfections.

Active recollection, according to the “Catholic Encyclopedia,” belongs to ascetical devotion and practice and is necessary for all who wish to attain Christian perfection. The practices by which it may be acquired include:

• Silence and solitude.

• The avoidance of distracting and dissipating activities.

• The frequent exercise of the presence of God by frequently calling to mind that souls are the temples of God.

The daylong program will be held from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, March 21. Registration will begin at 9:30 a.m. Participants are asked to bring a rosary and a brown bag lunch. The day will include prayer, Bible reading, reflections and song.

For information, call 947-3770 Tuesdays through Fridays or e-mail the friars at fbse22@aol.com.


The erection and use of the Stations of the Cross, also called the Way of the Cross, was instituted in the middle of the 14th century by the Franciscans. Today, Stations are found in almost every Catholic and Episcopalian church in the United States.

The number of stations varied greatly, ranging up to 37, but in the 18th century, the current 14 stations were established.

They are:

1. Christ is condemned to death.

2. Jesus takes up his cross.

3. Christ falls the first time.

4. Jesus meets his afflicted mother.

5. The cross is laid on Simon of Cyrene.

6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

7. Christ falls second time.

8. Jesus meets the holy women of Jerusalem.

9. Christ falls a third time.

10. Jesus is stripped of his garments.

11. Jesus is nailed to the cross.

12. Jesus dies on the cross.

13. The body of Jesus is placed in the arms of his sorrowful mother.

14. Jesus is laid in the tomb.

Source: Franciscan Brothers of Elizabeth of Hungary and the “Catholic Encyclopedia.”