ROCKLAND — A Cushing couple face driving charges after leading city police on a high-speed chase that ended on a dead end road Tuesday afternoon.

Robert Lacombe, 25, was charged with driving to endanger, eluding an officer and operating a motor vehicle after license revocation after having been declared a habitual offender of motor vehicle laws.

Rebecca Garland, 26, was charged with permitting the unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Deputy Police Chief Wallace Tower said the incident began on West Meadow Road at 12:34 p.m. when Officer Lloyd Daniels observed a late-model Chevrolet Cavalier coming toward him at a high rate of speed. When Daniels turned his cruiser around to pull the car over, the car accelerated as it traveled toward Rockport. The car soon reportedly was traveling 65 mph in a 25-mph zone.

When Daniels activated his cruiser’s flashing lights and siren, the speeding car turned left on Tollman Road and stopped shortly after the road changed from pavement to dire and ended at a driveway on Dodge’s Mountain. The two occupants then put their hands out the windows and surrendered, according to police. The chase covered about two miles, Tower said Wednesday.

Tower said Garland was charged because she permitted Lacombe to drive, even though she knew he was prohibited to so.

Lacombe was placed under arrest and taken to the Knox County Jail where he is being held on an unspecified bail.