It’s a marvel but we still have carrots in the cellar, bless their little orange hearts. They are not as sweet as they were in the fall, of course, but still firm and wholesome, and perfectly good for eating raw as sticks or in salad (cooked, of course, roasted or steamed). We also have a few apples left but not for long, so it seemed like a good opportunity to make this salad.

Someone described this salad as “kid-friendly.” It is for sure — it’s sweet. If you have kids that tolerate onion flavors, add some chopped red onion or mild whites, or shallots. I use shallots because we grow them, and I like that level of onion in a raw salad.

And then there are raisins. My raisin-loving hubby greets them with joy in any salad, not just this one. I sometimes even put raisins in coleslaw and always in a Waldorf salad.

What kind of dressing you use on this is really up to you. Using mayonnaise or your favorite white creamy dressing is perfectly fine, and preserves the sweetness. If you want a little zing, then use a vinaigrette or oil and vinegar.

This is such an easy salad that to call the following a “recipe” is embarrassing. I know that you don’t need a lot of specifics for this one. The only thing to think about really is quantity: I figure on one carrot per person, and half an apple per person. Everything else is to taste. If you have leftovers, well, take it for lunch the next day. I love having leftovers of a salad like this because I can toss them into a leafy green salad. The dressing marinates the carrots and apples a bit and makes a great starter for tossed salad.

Carrot Apple Salad

1 carrot per person

½ apple per person

Raisins, to taste

Shallot or onion (optional, to taste)

Mayonnaise or prepared dressing, to taste

Salt and pepper

Pare and grate the carrots. Chop apples into small pieces. Add raisins. Chop shallot or onion very finely and add if desired. Toss with your dressing of choice, and add salt and pepper to taste.

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Sandy Oliver, Taste Buds

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