Questions, questions and more questions…..

Is it possible to go a day without hearing the name ‘Favre’?

Can the NHL possibly do anything more to hurt its microscopic TV ratings after allowing a player (Carolina’s Scott Walker) to sucker-punch another player (Boston’s Aaron Ward) without being suspended? Ward was scuffling with another player and hadn’t even dropped his gloves. If Sidney Crosby had been sucker-punched, do you think there would have been a suspension? You bet there would have been. It also sets the tone for a potential blood bath. So what do our youngsters learn from this: If you’re going to sucker-punch somebody, just make sure he isn’t a star.

Wouldn’t it be a shame if the University of Maine’s baseball team didn’t make the America East playoffs? That appears to be a 50-50 possibility.

Watching record-setting second baseman Danny Menendez steal bases and turn highlight-reel double plays with shortstop Tony Patane is a genuine treat. They have set the school record with 65 DPs and some of those include the flip-directly-out-of-the-glove feed to second.

But the Bears have gone 4-8 in their last 12 league games and have lost three of those games while holding leads with six outs or less to get. They still control their own destiny but will have to win three of four at Stony Brook to ensure earning a playoff spot and that’s a tall order especially with the way they’ve been playing of late.

Injuries to pitchers and the loss of ace right-hander Pat Quinn due to suspension have been costly.

They have allowed Vermont to creep back into the playoff picture and I’m sure the Catamounts would love to extend their final season before becoming a financial casualty.

Vermont, tied with Maine for the fourth and final playoff spot, finishes with four at league leader Binghamton.

Aren’t you rejoicing about Manny Ramirez’s 50-game suspension for the use of a women’s fertility drug designed to restore testosterone after extensive steroid use?

What goes around comes around. Could it be that the baseball gods are punishing Ramirez for the way he deserted his Red Sox teammates, the organization and the fans last year?

I mean, how stupid could you be in this day and age of constant drug testing.

Major league baseball’s most selfish player was put on a pedestal in Los Angeles where he hit nearly 100 points higher than he did in Boston and became a folk hero.

He was off to a great start this season but now we know why.

Hey, Manny, the tickets to Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame range from $14.75 to $30.50. That’s the only way you’ll get in.

Wait a minute, I stand corrected.

You might be able to buy a junior ticket for $6.50.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could find a way to improve the inside groove at Hermon’s Speedway 95? I’m sure they will continue to try to do so.

Despite recent track improvements, the outside groove is still much faster than the inside groove.

One can only imagine how frustrating it is for a driver stuck in the low groove who simply can’t find a way to get past a car in the high groove even though he may have a faster car.

Most race tracks have a preferred line but the difference is so pronounced at Speedway 95.

Roger Clemens and his steroid controversy have resurfaced. Hey, Roger, why don’t you and Brett Favre buy a hunting camp in northern Minnesota and disappear.