By now this likely isn’t news, but it’s still very disturbing. The Web has been buzzing with the news that Nadya Suleman — the octomom — has signed a deal for her own reality show.

There’s no word on where or when the show will appear, but it’s no surprise that she has signed on to the reality bandwagon. She has even filed a patent on her given nickname — octomom. It’s yet another sad day for reality TV, but I guess when you’ve got a flock of 14, you’ll do just about anything for a buck.

And yes, I’ll be tuning in because I just can’t look away.

Another disturbing reality TV tidbit is that “Bachelorette” Jillian Harris has decided to keep Tanner P., the bachelor with the crazy foot fetish, around for at least another round. It’s one thing to have a fetish, it’s another to flaunt it on national television when you’re trying to land what could be the girl of your dreams. Then it’s just creepy and weird.

If you want the inside “Bachelorette” scoop from someone who knows the show inside and out, check out Trista Sutter’s blog on E! Online. Sutter, a former “Bachelorette,” married her bachelor, Ryan, in 2003 and the couple now has two children and are living the good life. E! scooped up Sutter and she’s writing a very entertaining blog about this season’s “Bachelorette” that gives a slightly different view than many of the blogs we’ve seen out there so far. Check it out at

Something else to check out — the cover of the next Rolling Stone magazine where it’s being reported that “American Idol” runner-up Adam Lambert will address his sexuality by coming out on the cover.

Why do we care? I’m not sure. He’s an amazing rocker and the details of his personal life shouldn’t matter, but then again we live in a country where nothing is private for celebs and we always crave more. And yes, reality stars are considered celebrities whether we like it or not.